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JMP Real Estate Management Ways to Increase Property Value


Vacancy = Appeal

Careful review of annual assessment notices

  1. Property Tax Appeals
  2. Improve Net Operating Income (NOI)

    Increase Revenue/Decrease Expenses

    Careful Budget Analysis and Implementation

      Other Income Opportunities: 2-5% potential income increase!
    • Tenant Services
    • Bad Debt Collections/Late fees/NSF fees
    • Parking Income
  3. Pass-Through Divisions

    How each lease is written can seriously affect the Landlord's ability to pass-on operating expenses. Properly written leases pass-through the management fee!

  4. Bidding-Out Services

    Building vendor relationships through strong purchasing power

  5. Energy Management

    As energy prices rise, this issue becomes increasingly more important.

  6. Capital Expense Recapturing

    Capital costs should result in savings elsewhere to be reclaimed

  7. Managing Rooftops (Telecommunications)

    Rooftops and storage areas have become the "unseen" tenants

    Ground leases for drive-through espresso stands or other venders

  8. Real Estate Knowledge

    Know the competition…other properties…to compete effectively

  9. Leasing and Marketing

    Effective marketing and lease negotiation reduces vacancy

  10. Improve Tenant Quality, Mix and Retention

    It is more costly to find new tenants than retain old ones. However, it is even more costly to retain the bad tenants!

  11. Bonus Item…Provide Quality Maintenance, Repair and Landscaping

    Good care and preventative maintenance reduces capital expenditures while reflecting positively on the property.

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